I am Billy Roach, "aka RockaBilly". I love to perform and many folks say I am a natural stage performer. My original music is a mature blend of RockaBilly, Country with a somewhat reminiscent McCartney songwriting style. Hey, I love the guy so why hide it!! I was born in upstate New York in 1964. I must have heard that great 60's sound all around me as a baby because it definitely influences my songwriting. I think the "hook" is my strongest songwriting skill. Listen to my music and you be the judge! I went to Los Angeles in 1990 for music. Loved it. Found a southern beauty and got married. Carol, my wife, and I have 2 beautiful kids; both of whom show great musical promise. "Cheer For The Chief's" I co-wrote the theme for the Triple AAA Syracuse Chiefs baseball team with Los Angeles musician Cary Carloff.